Welcome to Quercy in Southwest France


Coat of arms – Lordship of Quercy

Forget the Loire!

Well, don’t actually forget it – you would miss one of France’s most stunning offerings to the tourists if you do!

But think also of the Lot, a river that runs through green and fertile Quercy, a mosaic of orchards, tobacco and cereals fields, and meadows and poplars plantations.

Quercy is a historic province that was attached to the French kingdom during the 15th century.

It stretches over the modern day department of Lot and the northern section of Tarn-et-Garonne.

It is now part of the Midi-Pyrénées administrative region.

Welcome to Quercy, a land of limestone tablelands.

The Lot and Dordogne rivers shape the northern plateaus known as Causses de Quercy.

They continue their journey towards the sea through the warmer Bas-Quercy, a pleasant region of undulating, gentle, long and narrow hills and fertile valleys.

Quercy is a land where much of the Hundred Years War was fought, a land of fortified towns or bastides and castles perched on the hilltops.

You will enjoy the Quercy style architecture of the medieval churches, monasteries or simple dwellings built with the creamy local limestone.

Quercy is a land of mysterious rocks shelters and galleries hollowed by the rivers in the limestone cliffs.

You will discover these primitive dwellings where our distant ancestors lived.

You will discover the walls they decorated with paintings of the animals they hunted and will set food in their world.

You will travel in the deep of the earth and follow the bed of underground rivers flowing through magical caves adorned with amazing rock formations.

You will be stunned by these geological curiosities considered a masterpiece of Mother Nature.

You will relax along the Lot River or canoe on its waters or simply taste the wines of the renowned Quercy vineyard.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons – Coat of arms Lordship of Quercy  Source Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license