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Princess Diana Memorial - Flame of Liberty

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Tunnel du Pont de l'Alma


Flame of Liberty

Princess Diana Memorial is in fact a makeshift monument to her memory!

The USA  gave the Flame of Liberty monument to France in gratitude for the restoration work done on the Statue of Liberty in New-York.

The Flame of Liberty just happened to be located over the spot where Diana and Dodi Fayed were tragically killed in a car accident on 31st August 1997!

The monument indeed stands on Place de l'Alma!

The Tunnel du Pont de l'Alma, where the crash took place, runs underneath the square.

This tragedy was one of the most prominent events of the late 20th century!

The magnitude of the emotion it aroused was such that the Flame of Liberty became overnight a makeshift monument to Diana's memory!

People indeed flocked to the site of her death and laid flowers at the foot of the sculpture.

Flame of Liberty - Princess Diana Memorial

In 1989 the U.S.A. gave a sculpture of the Flame of Liberty to France in gratitude for the restoration work done on the Statue of Liberty on the occasion of its centennial.

Princess-Diana-Memorial-Flame-of-Liberty-Place-Alma-ParisThe 3.5 m tall Flame of Liberty of the Place de l'Alma is a full-sized gilded copper replica of the torch of the Statue of Liberty guarding the entrance of New-York Harbour.

It stands on a grey-and-black marble pedestal placed just above the exit of the tunnel.

The cast was funded with the donations raised by the International Herald Tribune readers from all around the world on the occasion of  the centennial of the newspaper's publication in Paris.

The International Herald Tribune unveiled the monument in 1989.

The commemorative plaque placed at the foot of the Flame reads as follows:

"The Flame of Liberty.

An exact replica of the Statue of Liberty's flame offered to the people of France by donors throughout the world as a symbol of the Franco-American friendship.

On the occasion of the centennial of the International Herald Tribune.

Paris 1887-1987." 

Directions : 8th district - Place de l'Alma
Metro: Alma-Marceau on Line 9
Coordinates Flame of Liberty - Princess Diana Memorial: Lat 48.864198 - Long 2.300891

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