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Fenaille Museum founded in the Hôtel de Jouéry

The Fenaille Museum of Rodez is located on Place Eugène Raynaldy, next door to the city hall.

The elegant square was developed on the site of the Gallo-Roman forum.

The forum of Segodunum, as Rodez was known 2000 years ago, was exceptionally large.

It was in fact larger than those of Arles and Narbonne!

The only vestige, however, is the small wall by the entrance of the underground parking.

You'll find it at the intersection of Rue des Garrigues Ricard and Rue des Nattes, nearly opposite the entrance to the museum.

The museum opened thanks to the patronage of Maurice Fenaille.

The industrialist indeed bequeathed the Hôtel de Jouéry to the City of Rodez in order to found a site primarily dedicated to the archaeology and history of Rouergue.

The Hôtel de Jouéry in one of the city's oldest mansions.

The initial building dates from the 13th century but was remodeled during the 18th century.

A museum dedicated to Rouergue

The Fenaille Museum is indeed renowned for the quality and unique character of its collections related to Rouergue.

It consists of two buildings, the Hôtel de Jouéry and a modern wing.

The visit of the museum starts with the upper floor of the new wing recently added in order to exhibit the archaeological artifacts.

These include the famous statues-menhirs of Rouergue, a unique collection of its kind.

The Fenaille Museum exhibits 17 of these astonishing megaliths.

These are indeed the first (known to date) life-size sculptures of human beings carved about 5000 years ago.

The most famous is the Lady of St-Sernin.

The second floor exhibits large collections of Gallo-Roman vestiges and artifacts.

You'll find countless ceramics produced in the workshops of La Gaufresenque-Millau.

The former entrance courtyard of the Hôtel de Jouéry now serves as a link between the new building and the mansion.

The Hôtel de Jouéry exhibits superb collections from Middle-Ages and French Renaissance.

The courtyard, today entirely protected by a glass roof, is an exhibit in its own right!

It has retained a superbly carved well and leads to an impressive Renaissance staircase adorned with the arms of the Jouéry Family.

Fenaille is indeed a beautiful museum, a Must Visit when in Rodez!

Tip: Park on Place du Forail; access is clearly marked and it's free; it's also a two-minute walk from the cathedral and the city centre.

Department of Aveyron - Rodez - Hôtel de Jouéry - 14 place Raynaldy
Coordinates: Lat 44.349159 - Long 2.576434

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