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Chateau du Barroux, an impressive castle


Chateau and village du Barroux

The Chateau du Barroux and its charming village are located in the northern part of Vaucluse.

We set off on a glorious Saturday afternoon of November, and as we approached our destination we caught sight of the imposing castle, atop its promontory.

Rebuilt during 17th century on its 12th century foundations, it simply imposes by its size and elegance!

Making your way to the castle is very easy and fast as the entrance is well signed.

Medieval castle

A few steps take up to the entrance that opens directly into the Court of Honour.



This beautiful cobbled square gives access to the main building and directly accesses also the medieval castle.

It is advised to start the tour with the 12th century part of the building, in order to see the evolution of the architecture.

The first room, the guardroom, is a long and spacious room.

It has retained such a authentic atmosphere that you almost expect to see a man in armour mounting guard!

The castle's many rooms are all spacious, however, quite dark because light only sneaks in through tiny apertures.

This make you realize how harsh living conditions must have been in the Middle Ages!

The 'medieval castle's visit ends with the tiny Chapelle de Sainte-Catherine-de-Sienne, which was built straight into the rock.

Renaissance Chateau du Barroux


Chapelle Sainte-Catherine de Sienne

The Renaissance section was entirely redesigned between 1539 and 1544 by the Lord of Barroux, Henry of Rovilhasc.

A vaulted staircase leads down to a small courtyard that boasts superb views of the Renaissance section of the Chateau du Barroux.

This courtyard leads to the most popular feature of the castle, the grand staircase.

This staircase was restored in the 1930s and leads to the various rooms of the Chateau du Barroux.

The first room, large and vaulted, boasts a monumental fireplace that could accommodate three standing men!

The floor is paved with big slabs and the walls open with large windows.

This was the Salle des Seigneurs or Great Hall.

This was where the Lords of Barroux entertained dignitaries and high ranked visitors.


Rampart, chapel and castle

The next room or Salle de la Garenne (warren room), was a special room from where the lord could follow men hunting on his land - hence its name!

A door, accessed from the grand staircase, opens into a beautiful outdoor passageway that leads to two large rooms.

The passageway boasted prime views of the plain.

You can easily imagine, once there, the Lords’ guests enjoying the peace and quiet of the place while sipping a cup of wine after a good meal!

The Chateau du Barroux was classified Historical Monument in 1963.

This was much needed, as it was severely damaged during the French Revolution!

Vayson de Pradennes restored the Chateau du Barroux

It was then left to fall in ruins until the 1920s, until the industrialist Vayson de Pradennes invested in its restoration.


Great Hall

The castle was, however, once more damaged during WWII.

It has been steadily restored since 1968 under the patronage of the French Ministry of Culture and by a local association - Les Amis du Chateau de Barroux.

The associations' members patiently bring it back to its past splendour!

We encourage you to visit this superb castle because the modest entrance fee of 5 euros will be used towards its reconstruction.

On your way down to the village, you'll come across an orientation table that boasts prime views of the village and Monts du Vaucluse.

Le Barroux is a picturesque and typical Provencal village full of charm that boasts a series of lovely fountains and an ancient church.

Department of Vaucluse
Coordinates Chateau du Barroux: Lat 44.137319 - Long 5.099613

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