Diane de la Guillermie

Diane de la Guillermie

My name is Diane de la Guillermie and I am the founder and editor of Travel France Online.

Travel France Online is a Free Online Travel Resource I am steadily building up in order to help you discover - or re-discover - and enjoy French history and culture.

A few words about me:

I am a Parisian, studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris before embarking on a career in the travel industry.

The idea of creating Travel France Online originated a few years ago when I lived overseas, as people kept asking me what they should visit when in Paris.

The few notes I scribbled down for them soon filled an A4 sheet then a leaflet…

I then thought it was time to convert them into an easy and accessible format, so creating a site was the obvious answer!

Travel France Online has since been steadily expanding and gaining reputation.

Articles are written mostly by French and some native English speakers living in France.

Our target is to give genuine insight of France to readers from all over the world and hopefully tempt them in discovering more of France.


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A bientôt!

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